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Hybrid School Food Service

TO: Parents & Guardians of Little Eagle Grant School Students

FROM: Ruth Schmeichel - Food Services Director

Following is an explanation of the food service plan we are using for students while we are doing Hybrid School.

Students that attend school are given a meal on the days they are in school. They are sent home with a bag meal (breakfast & lunch) for the next when they are doing school from home.

For clarification, this means that students in school on Monday/Wednesday are sent home meals for Tuesday/Thursday. Students in school on Tuesday have meals sent home for Wednesday, and students in school on Thursday have meals sent home for Monday, Which is the next day school is in session.

Parents & Guardians of virtual students need to pick up meals at the school. If you would like to receive meals, please call the school on Monday morning by 8:30 to let us know you would like meals for the week. Bag meals will be packed for the full week and can be picked up at 12:00 noon on Monday.

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